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Crusz, Rienzi
Rienzi Crusz was born in Sri Lanka. His richly worded lyric poems celebrate life in all its complexity. He observes the world around him with compassion and sometimes with infectious humour.
Under These Skies

Eastham, Diane
Diane Eastham brings an extensive background in artwork, travel and public education administration to her art practice and her work as a creativity mentor to other artists.
Homegrown and Handmade

Esfahani, Soheila
Soheila Esfahani was born in Tehran and moved to Canada in 1992. Fascinated by the complexities of meshing cultures, she fuses traditional Persian script with western abstract influences, exploring lines and spaces.
Encountering Difference

Griffiths-Fulton, Karl
Karl Griffiths-Fulton was born in Northern Ireland. He studied photography and book design at the University of Ulster School of Art & Design, Belfast and Napier University, Scotland.
In Dreams Awake

Hodges Bryant, Susan
Susan Hodges Bryant was born in Rochester, New York, and came to Canada to the University of Toronto where she completed a B.A. and M.A. in English literature. She then did an M.Phil degree at the University of Waterloo where she taught for many years.
This Soil, This Water

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