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Mallory-Smyth, Margaret

Margaret Mallory-Smyth was born in Kitchener, Ontario and educated at Wilfrid Laurier University (BA Anthropology/English and at the University of Western Ontario (BEd).

Mallory-Smyth has twice been the artist-in-residence at the Homer Watson Gallery in Kitchener. She has had numerous solo and group exhibitions, and she was the co-creator of The Printmakers’ Fair, a celebration of printmaking. Her work appears in many private collections.

"I am sometimes inclined to suspect that the draftsman's natural habitat is somewhere else" (Virgil Burnett). Margaret Mallory-Smyth's prints, collages, fabric art and sculpture also suggest habitation somewhere else, in a world rich with imaginative and spiritual insight. Her small figures are archaeological; they seem to have survived from a long ago time or place and at the same time, they are touched by a whimsical here-ness.

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