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Hodges Bryant, Susan

Susan Hodges Bryant was born in Rochester, New York, and came to Canada to the University of Toronto where she completed a B.A. and M.A. in English literature. She then did an M.Phil degree at the University of Waterloo where she taught for many years.

Bryant has always linked image, expression and imagination. It is not surprising that her deep appreciation of wilderness led her to imagine alternatives to our treatment of the environment and especially of our water. Her skilful reading makes it possible for her to wade through technical reports on groundwater that would defeat most people. Working with APT and other community groups since the Elmira, Ontario, water crisis in 1989, Susan Hodges Bryant has challenged corporate interests, government neglect and public apathy to clean up toxic waste sites and change policies. Her articles and public presentations command attention. Bryant has been recognised by the K-W Naturalists and the Grand River Conservation Authority for her environmental work.

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