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Morgenson, Leslie

Leslie Morgenson is a writer who has worked for many years in the St. John's Community Kitchen. She writes often for Good Work News.

Leslie Morgenson is a poet, essayist and fiction writer, the author of a collection of poetry entitled Licence to Write. She is a graduate of the Creative Writing Program at Humber School for Writers and in 1997 won the Dorothy Shoemaker Award for poetry. For fourteen years Morgenson has worked at St. John’s Kitchen, a project of the Working Centre in Kitchener, where she is an Outreach Worker working with a population that is homeless or at risk of homelessness. She has written many articles for Good Work News, a quarterly newspaper which is “a forum of opinion on work, unemployment and the environment.” Morgenson’s column has addressed a variety of topics related to homelessness and to wider social issues.

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