Stonegarden Studios Publishing

This Soil, This Water

ISBN 978-0-9813876-6-6

Susan Hodges Bryant records the struggles which APT (Assuring Protection for Tomorrow's Environment) took on with an uncaring corporate culture at Uniroyal Chemical (now Chemtura) and a distant, preoccupied Ministry of the Environment, challenging the company's right to pollute the land, water and aquifers around Elmira, Ontario, with deadly chemicals. This text is based on a presentation she made in 2001 to the judge in the Walkerton Inquiry water hearings. Edward Schleimer's watercolour paintings remind us of the possibilities of creative, respectful observation of the same environment. In the spaces between text and paintings, a reader has room to make connections, to remember the fragility not only of these flowers and grasses but of the soil and water which create them.

Hodges Bryant, Susan

Schleimer, Edward

This Soil, This Water double page spread

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